Inspiration and Goal Setting

Like many women new to blogging, I have been afraid. Afraid to put my thoughts and ideas online. Afraid of rejection, criticism, harassment. I have been afraid to take the knowledge and experience I have and put it into a blog where other people can read it. And judge it.Image result for blog meme

Today I am going to be brave.

I was truly inspired yesterday for the first time in a long time. I was invited to an event because someone thought it sounded like what my business is about and I am SO glad I went! I have been trying to find my niche while also trying to explain to people what it is I do. It can be challenging to explain what “A College Consultant with an Emphasis on Social Media and Community engagement” really does. Then I went to a retreat hosted by Ventura College with Dr. Josie Ahlquist as the keynote speaker and now I get it. I get what I do.

After hearing Dr. Ahlquist address hundreds of staff and faculties members and articulate exactly what Digital Citizenship is, I understand my own calling a little better. It was not hearing her speak, though, that lit the fire under me to start blogging. It was her Blog!

She referenced her Blog and her podcast (Josie and the Podcast) in her speech so I followed up – because I am addicted to information. I started reading her most recent blog post and was getting all kinds of starry-eyed when it occurred to me, I should not read her most post, I should read her VERY FIRST post.

It read a lot like this post is reading now. Reading between the lines I saw her self-doubt and lack of experience but I also saw someone who knew she just needed to press “publish” and let the rest come as it may. It certainly worked out for her!

After reading more posts about Papyrus (the store) and her adventures in grad-school, I decided to take a very strong note from Dr. Ahlquist to challenge myself by blogging everyday for one month. That seems like both a doable and practical goal.

So, here it is, blog #1 on Day 1 of my 30 day Blog challenge. I am going to experiment with topics such as higher education, campus reviews, digital citizenship, social media, community engagement and building a business as mom of three kids under 6.

Wish me luck! And thanks to Dr. Josie Ahlquist for the inspiration!!

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