Oak Park Music Festival

IMG_2665Yesterday I did not blog. But I have a great reason! I spent the entire day at Medea Creek Middle School for the Oak Park Music Festival. Hundreds of Middle and high school students played their brass and wind instruments and there was an amazing choir performance. There were also some incredible solos. It was a fun, gorgeous, sunny day and I was so happy to be a part of it!!

Thank goodness I had done so many tabling events when I worked for National University  I was prepared with my table cloth, signage, flyers, packets and business cards. I was totally ready and totally excited.

This was my first opportunity to talk about my programs in front of the people who can benefit the most from them. I talked to students, parents, educators, and even an adorable 6 year old named Sterling (who is my new best friend). Not only were the parents impressed with the idea of learning Digital Leadership but the students were too! No one had ever been taught how to develop an online identity or what to do with it once they had one. The idea of being trained on the uses of social media to reach their goals was novel and intriguing.

So, clearly I am in the right place and doing the right things. Hopefully I will hear from one of those parents and start to get some clients so I can spread my message and support my family.


This is Livia Averche. She was my table neighbor and is also a mama starting her own business. I got to meet her two sweet girls and learn about her amazing talent as a photographer. If you are looking for a family photo session or corporate head shots, this is your girl!!! http://www.liviastudio.com (858) 705-9234



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