The Best Day of my Life

Today is a very special day. On April 3, 2011, my world changed forever. It is the day colors became brighter, smells became stronger and cries sounded like music. It is the day I learned how to truly empathize and be compassionate. It was the day I learned how to live with heart outside my body. It was the day I took on a new identity, a new name. It was the day I became Mom.

My beautiful, warm, funny, creative, vibrant little girl turns six years old today. In the last six years she has taught me, tested me, pushed me and challenged me. She showed me how to love harder than I ever knew I could and has forced me to dig for patience I never knew I had.

She makes me laugh so hard it hurts. She is sarcastic like me, theatrical like me and stubborn like me. She is a goofball who loves her family, loves to sing and loves to create.

These last six years have flown by so quickly. A cliche that will never stop being true. I guess that is what makes it a cliche. Still, I try to cherish every minute I can with her because I know it is just a matter of time before she starts asking for advice about college.

I love her so much. Happy Birthday, Bug.


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