Business Plan

As a lifelong learner, I am ALWAYS in school. Currently, I am working on a certificate in Independent Educational Consulting. I am in the second course of a seven-course sequence and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is 100% online which I am completely used to and actually prefer since balancing a traditional school program with my family and business would be too much for me. The program is offered by UCI Extension and classes are about 7 weeks. I LOVE IT.

Our assignment this week was to develop a business plan. I will admit, I have been putting off creating a plan because putting it on paper felt too concrete and I have been enjoying watching my business shape itself organically. However, I think this was actually the perfect time to write out a plan because I see now what my business is becoming and I can see how I want it to grow. Putting it all on paper and submitting it for a grade was reassuring and I look forward to the feedback.

In the plan, I included a mission and vision statement, objectives, strategies and action plans. So far, I am on track with reaching out to schools (high schools, middle schools and colleges) to get them interested in workshops where I teach students ages 13-20 about Digital Citizenship and how to use your online identity effectively. There are definitely some projects in the works and I will be thrilled to share when some official contracts come through.

In the meantime, I will continue to grow my business, develop my plan and bring this powerful message to the students, parents and educators of Ventura County.

One way I am tackling this message and building my own content was in participating as a panelist at the Digital Citizenship Conference in LA last week. I had so much fun meeting Josh Ochs of and all of the other panelists and guests at the conference. The topic was how to have an Authentic Online presence. The conversation was interesting with various perspectives from law enforcement, educators, college reps and consultants. Once the link is available, I’ll share it!

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